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Adulsa Powder

We have carved a niche amongst the most dominant names in this domain, involved in providing a superior quality range of Adulsa Powder. Adulsa is considered as a very important herb to regulate the respiratory system. It is considered to have expectorant and blood purifying qualities. It may help in diluting and expelling mucous deposition in the respiratory system. It may help regulate mucous and bile activity in the body. Mostly use adulsa powder for blood purification. It considered having expectorant properties.

Adulsa also known as the arusha or vasaka. Adulsa Leaves is one of the most important herbs in widely used in medicines. Adulsa although also known as adulsa arusa, adathodai, adathoda,. Adulsa is used in traditional Indian medicines. This leaves are rich in vitamin C and carotene and yield an essential oil. Adulsa Leaves widely used to Strengthen respiratory system.


  • Adulsa Leaf powder helps to manages high blood pressure

  • This Powder is an excellent remedy for excessive phlegm and cough

  • Adhatoda is also very good for digestion

  • Adhatoda is excellent for skin

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packing

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Aegle Marmelos Powder

We are a most trusted name in between the topmost companies in this business, instrumental in offering a high-quality array of Aegle Marmelos Powder. It considered as an important herb in Ayurveda. Bael patra is considered to help regulate the digestive system. It may help regulate blood sugar and lipid levels. It helps enhance the body metabolism. It also supports healthy respiratory system. We provide an excellent powder of Aegle Marmelos-Bael Fruit Powder, which is massively appreciated among the masses for its premium quality and effectiveness. Our customers can avail this powder at competitive prices in demanded time frame.

It is a herb commonly known as Bengal quince, Apple Wood, or Holy Fruit Tree.Bilva tree is regarded ‘auspicious’ in Hindu religion and is also referred to as the tree of Shiva in ancient scriptures. Its ripe fruit is eaten fresh. Fruit-pulp is used to make up a refreshing drink and also in preparing jams, nectar and squashes.


  • These possess effective digestive, astringent and stomachic properties

  • Relieves chronic dysentery and diarrhea

  • They act as tonic for brain and heart

  • It is also an ingredient in preparing an Ayurvedic medicine called, ‘dashmool’

  • Fresh leaves are used to relieve conditions like weak heart, beri-beri and dropsy

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packings

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Ajma Powder

Being a quality oriented organization, we are engaged in providing a supreme quality range of Ajma Powder. Ajma seeds contain health benefitting essential oils like thymol which offers aromatic fragrances to seeds and helps to increase the digestive function of the intestinal tract by increasing effective digestive enzymes. It may support healthy respiratory system. It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Ajma contain healthy essential oils like thymol which offers aromatic fragrances and helps to increase the digestive function of the intestinal tract by increasing effective digestive enzymes.


  • Ajma Powder support healthy digestion

  • May help maintain healthy metabolism

  • May support healthy respiratory system

  • It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packings

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Alfalfa Leaf Powder

We have been counted amongst the most trusted names in this domain, engaged in offering a standard quality range of Alfalfa Leaf Powder. Alfalfa is a flowering perennial in the legume family with a long history as a drought-resistant forage and pasturage crop due to having an expansive root system. Alfalfa is well known as a feed plant for livestock yet has had a rich tradition of use as a healing herb as well. The dried alfalfa leaf is widely available in herbal shops and health food stores as an herbal tea, tablet, powder or made into a liquid chlorophyll supplement.

Alfalfa leaf contains essential vitamins including the entire spectrum of B-vitamins, A, D, E and K. Alfalfa Leaf is a source of iron, niacin, biotin, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Alfalfa is a source of chlorophyll.


  • It has been administered as a nutritive tonic

  • It was found to be particularly useful in cases of malnutrition

  • Compared to other plants, alfalfa leaf is very high in protein and amino acids

  • Alfalfa leaf powder to stimulate the appetite and relieve ulcers

  • Eases general digestive problems

  • Contains high levels of enzymes for food digestion and assimilation

  • it cleanses the urinary tract

  • Purifies the blood and liver

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packings

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Aloe Vera Powder

With vast industrial experience, we are involved in offering a wide range of Aloe Vera Powder. Aloe Vera Powder is composed of the freeze-dried inner "gel" of aloe leaf plants sourced from a family-operated farm. Aloe vera is perhaps one of the most healing natural skincare ingredients in existence; it can soothe minor aches and pains, plus soothe bruises, scars, and minor cuts. It also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in skin that's baby soft and smooth.


  • Improves Digestive System

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Helps to cure wounds

  • Provide relief from symptoms of acid reflux

  • Useful in treating skin ailments

  • Helps in proper functioning of digestive system

  • Promotes hair growth and delays aging process

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packings

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Ambe Haldi Powder

We are a most trusted name in between the topmost companies in this business, instrumental in presenting Ambe Haldi Powder. Amba Haldi is native to the eastern Himalayan region and is cultivated in India for its use in medicine. It is apparently a seasonal plant and is only available during the monsoon season unless it is cultivated. It contains curcumin, vitamin A, protein, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates and has anti-inflammatory properties as well as strong antibiotic ones. It is supposed to smell like mango and is a close relative of the ginger root.


  • Ambehaldi is recognized as a medicinal herb with strong antibiotic properties

  • Enhances your complextion and gets rid of dark circle removal

  • External application of Ambe Haldi helps to make facial hairs

  • It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties

  • May support healthy digestion

  • This powder helps natural removal of toxins from the body

  • It may support healthy metabolism

  • It stimulates the production of bile juice

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packings

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Amla Powder

Due to our enormous understanding and massive knowledge of this business, we are involved in offering Amla Powder. Revered in Ayurvedic medicine, it’s been used for thousands of years as one of the most potent and nourishing herbs in India. While there are numerous benefits to consuming this herb, amla powder naturally supports healthy, shiny hair and glowing skin. The amla fruit also benefits the hair when applied as a conditioner.

Health Benefits of (Amla) Indian Gooseberry Powder:
Indian people know this fruits as AMLA (Indian Gooseberry). The scientific name of this fruits is Emblica Officinalis.


  • This Amla fruit Powder is rich in vitamin C which helps in boosting up the immunity level and is the best antioxidant

  • Amla Powder also works as a detoxifier by improving the digestion of food in the stomach

  • It increases the absorption of the iron into the blood

  • It increasing the hemoglobin levels in the body

  • It strengthens the reproductive system thus helps in regulating the menstrual cycles

  • It also purifies the urinary system

  • It improves the brain functioning and also helps in supporting the cardiovascular system

  • Daily intake of Our Amla Powder will increases the absorption of mineral due to which you get healthy hair and glowing face

  • It also strengthens the eye muscles and is very effective and beneficial for eyes

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packings

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Amla Reetha Shikakai Powder

Backed by expert and experienced professionals, we provide Amla Reetha Shikakai Powder. That’s why we do not need air to condition the hair after treatment with this natural cleanser. The powder is used for the purpose of conditioning and nourishing the hair and scalp without causing any allergy or irritation. Herbal powder packed with the goodness of herbs, our range of herbal powder is easy to apply and creates less mess during application.


  • It consists of a number of essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the hair

  • Amla also has many antioxidant properties that are effective in strengthening the roots of the hair

  • Reetha adds shine to the hair and brings back the natural texture.Because of the cleansing properties, you can also get rid of dandruff and lice by using Reetha on a regular basis

  • Shikakai is also effective in strengthening the hair and conditioning it. As a result, it reduces hair loss and adds volume to the hair

  • It acts a powerful anti-dandruff and protects the scalp from any other type of infection

Available Packing

  • 100, 250 & 500gms and 20kg+ packings

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